Apr 7, 2013 - India    Comments Off on Traveling as a female

Traveling as a female

With the recent case of a female student who was attacked and raped on a bus in Delhi, I think its understanding how you can feel vulnerable here as western female. All over the news there are new cases of people being raped and the horrifying truth of just how many people are effected.

In some parts of Delhi there seem to be little or no females on the street. The local metro system offers female only compartments, these are less busy and you do feel safe on them. The only problem is its lets you to believe that you need them and that you may be in danger traveling in the mixed carriages.

Two days after I visited the Taj Mahol there was a case of a Western female who jumped from her hotel window to escape the men pounding on her door, a few days before that a woman was raped in her tent whilst camping with her husband out site of Agra.

Thankfully I never received any hostility towards me and the majority of Men I did talk to were very pleasant and helpful. India still has very some backwards views towards woman. However things are changing, it may be slow and it may never be the same as it is in most western countries, but attitudes towards women are starting to change here.

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