May 19, 2013 - Melaysia    Comments Off on The Mystery of Jim Thompson

The Mystery of Jim Thompson

I was reading on my hostel wall about a man called Jim Thompson who went missing here in the cameron highlands and was never found. His name sounded familiar and after looking it up, I discovered that he was a large silk importer in Thailand. I’v seen his name on some fancy shops over there. You can visit his old house in Bagkok so I’m definitely going to do this when I go back.

He famously disappeared here on Easter Sunday in 1967 whilst trekking in the highlands. Some say that he was eaten by a tiger,  said to roam the hills here 50 years ago, others say that he was kidnapped and murdered or fell into an aboriginal animal trap erected by the native people (the Orang Asli) who then buried him when they found what had happened. I do like a good Scooby Doo style mystery.

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