Dec 30, 2013 - Australia    No Comments

Sydney – the worst of times and the best of times

Hahahaha Sydney.

It has already been such a memorable time. Our accommodation here is the only accommodation we booked prior to leaving to England in fear of everywhere being fully booked. I wish we had never bothered. We are staying in the worst hostel I have ever seen. Its revolting.

We are staying in a 6 person mixed dorm and its tiny. When we first arrived there was boy, (later nicknamed Eric, real name Lorenzo), picking his scabs in the mirror. He had fallen over the previous night but had no recollection of the event. There was another boy who seemed nice enough but unfortunately performed the ultimate dorm taboo and brought a girl back. His bunk bed didn’t rock too much as he kept falling asleep during the act. I could hear the girl getting more and more annoyed as he eventually started snoring. How embarrassing!

Anyway, thankfully he got kicked out and we now have two new roomies. Our now forever friends, Claire and Cheryll. They are so sweet and we all loved them from the start. We may be in the worst hostel in the world, but at least we have the best company.


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