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Ssssssssssh…Its a secret tour

So it turns out Dalat is awesome! I was a bit disappointed at first as I had thought it was going to be a lot more like Sapa, which in honestly is my favourite place on Earth. Dalat, however, is a lot bigger with way more traffic and the city itself doesn’t have nearly the same charm.

When I checked into my hotel a few days ago I was feeling a bit down about the place and as discussed in my previous post, I smelt like a fish. It was only when the hotel receptionist leant over the desk and whispered to me “Hey…do you know about the secret tour?” Was it that I felt any intrigue. He explained that the tour offered to visit places where other tourists do not go and I got to ride on the back of a motorbike all day. I was sold.

I left early this morning. I was riding on the back with our guide, Sun. She was amazing. It was pretty terrifying swerving through the early morning traffic but she comforted me by singing as loud as she could in vietnamese, (she later told me she was singing to the moon asking for a nice boyfriend for me…thanks Sun!). Anyway, we drove for about an hour through the stunning mountain scenery before we made our first stop. A cricket farm. We got to meet the owner and his adorable little boy. We then ate some fried crickets with chilli sauce. Yummy!

We then drove onwards to a local Market where Sun told me all about local traditions and produce. We got to try lots of fruits and see all sorts of animal entails, including tounge, intestine, stomach, lung, hearts and boiled heads.

After the market we drove a silk factory. I was excited to see this. I remember learning about the process of making silk last year and its fascinating to see. I was amazed at the process and the beauty of the factory. Silk really is an incredible fabric.


After this we visited a waterfall. It was pretty scary climbing down to the bottom on the slippery rocks. I’v developed quite a good coping technique for when I’m scared though, I just imagine that I’m working on a new photoshop file and go through all the motions of resizing it and saving it for web. A bit sad I know but it really works. We went to a village after and had lunch with some lovely people, I learnt a lot about vietnamese language and there was a lot of laughing and joking around.

We walked around the village and met some of the Chin people. Vietnam has 54 different ethnic minorities and its always a privilege to meet them. We were invited to sit with 3 ladies and took it in turns to ask each other questions with the help of Sun acting as an interpreter. It was really amazing, I learnt all about the customs of marriage. One of the ladies was 78 years old and wearing a Kappa beanie hat. She looked adorable.

We then worked our way back to Dalat. It was a pretty hairy journey at some points and I had to use my pretend photoshop technique a fair bit but we made it one piece. I don’t think I will ever forget today, I feel very lucky to be me right now.

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