Jun 3, 2013 - Singapore    Comments Off on Singapore – City of the Future

Singapore – City of the Future

Wow. This is the weirdest place I have ever been to. Everything is so perfect. The transport is a charm, the city is beautiful, the parks are unbelievable. The only thing that has upset me is the que for the aquarium (worlds biggest by the way).

So, yes, its crazy expensive here and Ok, everyone is so plugged in their drives that they hardly see. Its still amazing to see. It really is like time traveling to 50 years from now. Everything is just so neat.

I think the only thing this city is really lacking is a personality. It comes across as very cold and a bit lonely. Certain places have their charms but everywhere feels a bit up-market, well, for a penniless backpacker at least.

This is also now the new winner of most spectacle thunder storm.

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