Oct 14, 2013 - Cambodia    Comments Off on Playing Tomb Raider in Siem Reap

Playing Tomb Raider in Siem Reap

The Temples of Angkor are spectacular! After meeting up with Bells again in Siem Reap we brought a 3 day temple pass and have been exploring theses extraordinary buildings. Its really fun finding a new temple and exploring them all. I love the mysterious ruin of Ta Prohm, or most commonly known as the Tomb Raider temple.

Siem Reap is also a really beautiful place and a lot of fun at night. There is a big tourism scene here, with many people visiting the temples. This has resulted in the wonder that can only be described as “Pub Street”. The booze is far to cheap and before you know it your dancing to Beyonce with some Australian Bikers shouting “Ozzie, Ozzie Ozzie!”

We also ordered snake here form one of the restaurants but Im quite sure it was just chicken. It tasted and looked exactly like chicken but who knows really.

We leave Cambodia tomorrow and I’m really sad. I wish we could have had more time here. Its a country I completely underestimated, but who heatedly fell in love with.

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