Jun 19, 2013 - Thailand    No Comments

Action Girl

Wow. What adventures I have been having lately. I split from Bells and her BF as they wanted to check out Puket, somewhere I don’t really have interest in. I’l meet them back in Bangkok in 10 days. Im staying in Ao Nang which is near Krabbi. I have found a great hostel and staying with some really lovely people. I have been kayaking, rock climbing, visiting secluded beaches and eating the tastiest seafood I have had so far on this trip. I really Like it here.

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Jun 14, 2013 - Thailand    No Comments


Wow. I’v just come back from my dive. It was awesome! I met the dive team at 6:30 this morning but I was a little bit early as i was quite excited and maybe a box anxious. It was about a 45 minute boat ride to Phi Phi Leh. This small island is a a national park and famously home of Maya Bay, the beach where the movie ‘The Beach’ was filmed.

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Jun 13, 2013 - Thailand    No Comments

Argh. Tornado

So, since arriving here it has a rained. A lot. Bells and her BF are doing couply stuff so Im amusing myself. I’v accidentally book a Scuba dive tomorrow. I didn’t mean to as Im quite scared of the sea but I was bored and thought why not. its good to do things that scare you once in while. I hope the weather is nice, although they say it dosnt really matter when you are in the water.

Jun 11, 2013 - Thailand    No Comments

A note on tourist busses from Koh Sahn Road

Its remarkably easy too book transport in Thailand. You can usually do it from the accommodation you are staying in or one of the many tourist booking shops. The prices are relatively similar. Having booked a bus before down to Surat Tharni, a ferry point for many of the local islands we felt safe enough to book another. Unfortunately, although we got there and a lot of people got of the bus having had money stolen from them, not noticing until it was too late.

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Jun 8, 2013 - Thailand    No Comments

Jim Thompsons house and the BACC

This morning I couldn’t find any fruit stall ladies, so I breakfasted at 7eleven. The banana bread was actually really nice and I never think you can go wrong with chocolate milk. After this I headed over to the BACC, Bangkok Art and Culture Centre. I saw an exhibition by Chalood Nimsamuer. It was a really interesting collection and beautifully curated. Technically you weren’t allowed to take photos but I found this one on my camera after I had left.

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Jun 6, 2013 - Thailand    No Comments

Back to Bangkok

So Im back in Bangkok and the weather is awful. I’m staying in my usual haunt just of Koh San Road. Its not that great, but is fairly cheap and remarkably clean unlike a lot of places in this area. I’m sure I could find somewhere a bit nice but I know my way around here and I quite like the noodle soup.

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Jun 3, 2013 - Singapore    No Comments

Singapore – City of the Future

Wow. This is the weirdest place I have ever been to. Everything is so perfect. The transport is a charm, the city is beautiful, the parks are unbelievable. The only thing that has upset me is the que for the aquarium (worlds biggest by the way).

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May 30, 2013 - Indonesia    No Comments

Eat, Prey, sit in traffic

Now, about Kuta. This part of Bali is basically Hell. The only way I can describe it is like Magaluf for Australians. The booze is cheap and the clubs are horrible. Needless to say its a lot of fun for a night but not really my scene.

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May 29, 2013 - Indonesia    No Comments

Volcanoes, dancing and cat poo coffee

Had the best day here today. Me and Bells hired a driver who took us to some of the most beautiful parts of the Island. We saw traditional fabric etchings, a traditional Balinese dance, drank Kupi Luwak (cat poo coffee), ate lunch next to a Volcano and visited a cliff top temple.

The Volcano was called Gunung Agung and is 10 308ft tall. It was break taking just looking at it.


May 27, 2013 - Indonesia    No Comments


I’m on holiday! Well thats how I’m viewing my past week here in Bali. I spent the first few days in a Hostel in the Sanur region. It’s so quiet and peaceful here. The hostel was a lot of fun and I made friends with some of the other backpackers. (I don’t do this to often as I have learnt that a lot of them are either incredibly dull and boring or complete knob heads).

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