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Ssssssssssh…Its a secret tour

So it turns out Dalat is awesome! I was a bit disappointed at first as I had thought it was going to be a lot more like Sapa, which in honestly is my favourite place on Earth. Dalat, however, is a lot bigger with way more traffic and the city itself doesn’t have nearly the same charm.

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Disasters and the Big C special

So I have been in Dalat for a few days now. Its not quite what I expected but I don’t think I have seen the best of it yet. Didn’t start on the greatest note as there was a bit of a disaster on the bus involving a box of fish and my backpack. Im not quite sure what happened but it seems they were involved intimately with one another and juices were exchanged. My backpack isn’t waterproof around the zips and some seepage occurred resulting in everything smelling unfavourable. Read more »

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Yesterday night I had a dream about knitting a book and last night I dreamt my Mum was running for the Labour Party. I’m scared my imagination is running out.

I ate cheese before bed and everything!


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Hoi An

In my opinion there is nowhere in the world as pretty and as char mining as Hoi An. Also known as Lantern town, it transforms at night into a magical place. Its also one of the best places to get made to measure clothes from. You can get dresses, shirts, suites even shoes all made beautifully for a very reasonable price. Me and Bells treated ourselves to a few little numbers. Being quite tall I have struggled to find clothes that are long enough in Asia so being able to determine a exact length has been lovely. I don’t suppose they will last all that long but as long as they see us through the rest of the trip I don’t suppose it matters.

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Bac Ha market

Today we visited Bac Ha market, our last stop in Sapa before we catch the train back to Hanoi in a few hours. The market is spectacular with many of the different tribes meeting to sell and buy produce. With each tribe unique with its own colourful outfit, its beautiful to see them all mixed together.  Read more »

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Sapa I love you

Yesterday me and Bells went on a brilliant one day hike here in Sapa. The weather was glorious and the scenery spectacular. We visited 4 different hill tribe villages and met people from H’mong and Dzay minorities.

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So it turns out that overnight train rides in Vietnam are not quite as comfy as the ones in Thailand, but still quite fun. Just bumpy. Read more »

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Halong Bay

We took a trip to Halong Bay on Friday. It was good, but kind of disappointing. Having been on an amazing trip before on one of my previous visits, this backpackers budget one wasn’t really comparable. We did have a lot of fun all the same and made friends with two Scottish Girls, now nicknamed Alen and Silky.

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I love Hanoi. It’s the craziest, busiest, brilliant city. The streets are teaming with Motorbikes, street food and crammed full of people. After our ridiculous 26 hour bus ride to get here, it was nice just to get somewhere. We had already booked our hotel and its really nice.

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