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Coffs Harbour – The Big Banana

From all the things I have read about Coffs Harbour prior to coming it, the one thing that intrigued me the most was the Big Banana. For some strange reason Australia likes to put big things in the oddest of places. The Big Banana wasn’t that great, intact the less said about it the better, it did have another toboggan run tho.

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Port Stevens

I have a new favourite sport. Tobogganing. It’s the most fun you can have sitting down, fully clothed at least.

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Blue Mountains – myths and legends

I’m sad to leave Sydney and our new friends, but hopefully we will see them again on this trip, if not definitely when we get back to England. We have taken few days to visit the Blue Mountains. The train journey to Katoomba where we are staying was lovely. It was so nice to get a train instead of a bus too. There isn’t too much to do here but there are plenty of beautiful walks.

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Happy New Year

The fireworks lived up to the expectations. Spectacular. New years resolution?



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Sydney – the worst of times and the best of times

Hahahaha Sydney.

It has already been such a memorable time. Our accommodation here is the only accommodation we booked prior to leaving to England in fear of everywhere being fully booked. I wish we had never bothered. We are staying in the worst hostel I have ever seen. Its revolting.

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A very different Christmas

Christmas just isn’t the same as being at home. This is normally the one time of year that I make the effort to spend with my family. Its strange being so far away. I’v kind of just been pretending that its hasn’t been Christmas at all. Its quite easy to do here. Its summer at the moment so Its lovely and sunny.

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Happy Christmas

From Philip Island

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Back in Melbourne

Yey. Im back in Melbourne. This city is so cool. We have a week here before we are heading over to Philip Island for Christmas on the 23rd. My brother is spending it with us and his friend Maddy will be joining us for a few days too. We are staying in Maddy’s Gran’s holiday villa for a few days, although he tells me its more like a shed. Im excited all the same, Philip Island sounds like a beautiful place and we will have a car to drive around in.

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Dunkeld – love shack

I have left Adelaide. I don’t like it there. Having some time to spare, We picked a stop off on the way back to Melbourne. I am now in Dunkeld, a small town in the south of the Grampians national park in Victoria. Its tiny, but very pretty. It took a gruelling 9 hours to get here with several bus rides, but we made it.

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OK, I might as well say it now. I love wombats. Ever since I was little and my Nan brought me a toy one back from her trip to Australia. I think of them as the greatest animal in the world. Now that Im here myself, I’m borderline obsessed with finding one. I’l try not to go on about them to much as I know how annoying I can be but, I LOVE WOMBATS!