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New Delhi


We have been in New Delhi for a week and 2 days now. Its crazy! Delhi is an incredible place, full of colour and beauty. It is also however a complete attack on every sense. The roads are a constant stream of cars, tuks tuks, bicycle, rickshaws and motorbikes. You can never fully escape the sound of beeping horns even in the quietest of locations.

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A beggining

So it begins. I’v saved, packed, said my goodbye’s and now my adventure begins. After a couple of days with family and friends my backpack is packed and loaded. It’s sad to think of all that I’m leaving but I’m so excited to be going. I’m going to see the world!

One whole year! Its such a long time. I’v spent the last couple of days at my Nans house. Its sold so this is the last time I’l ever see it. Of course in the true Hibberd style my Mum and Dad have filled the car and a trailer with plants and bits from the garden. So here I am, on the way to Heathrow with a trailer full of plants. Oh how much I will miss it here.


Anyway. Bon Voyage…Next stop…Delhi


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a quick test

Hello Everyone
Just a quick test. Will post something more interesting soon. I promise.