Dec 6, 2013 - Australia    No Comments

On Goon


“What is a goon?” my Mum asked me when I told her that was what I was drinking.

Well Mum, Goon is the fabulous name they give to boxed wine that is generally a bit evil. You can buy it in huge 4 litre boxes and its horribly cheap.

Notorious with the backpacking scene Goon is wine that is produced after the grapes have given everything they’ve got. They are squeezed one more time and then the results are mixed with egg whites or fish eggs. Its a true attack to pallet and leaves you feeling rotten for the entire morning after.

Not nice, but an inexpensive way of getting drunk. You can also buy smaller 2 litre boxes which tend to be a bit nicer. Posh Goon. This is what I prefer.


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