Jan 29, 2014 - Australia    Comments Off on Noosa – Australia Zoo

Noosa – Australia Zoo


Today is a special day. After waiting all this time, with much anticipation, it finally happened. I got to meet a real life Wombat. Finally!

We have been staying in Noosa which is a really beautiful place. Finally the weather is back on our side and we have beautiful blue skies once again.

Its from here that we got the bus to Australia Zoo, Steve Iwins famous creation. I’v been to my fair share of zoos and normally Im not that keen. I’d rather see an animal in the wild then behind bars or in a small enclosure. This zoo is something a bit different however. Its really well thought and the animals have a lot of space to roam around in. Its quite odd seeing Steve Irwin on so many things here. He died nearly 10 years ago and Im quite sure he can’t mean much to the children who now have him on their souvenir pencil sharpeners.

I participated in an animal encounter and obviously chose to meet a Wombat. Her name was Wendy and she was a total sweety. I fed her a carrot and she smelled my shoes. I was able to pet her and she nuzzled me knee. Wendy Wombat is my new hero.

As Steve himself would have said “Wombats rule!”


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