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New Delhi


We have been in New Delhi for a week and 2 days now. Its crazy! Delhi is an incredible place, full of colour and beauty. It is also however a complete attack on every sense. The roads are a constant stream of cars, tuks tuks, bicycle, rickshaws and motorbikes. You can never fully escape the sound of beeping horns even in the quietest of locations.

Being completely honest, I dont think anything can prepare you for your first visit to Delhi, especially as a western female. Firstly everyone is constantly staring at you. I know they dont mean any malice but its very hard to get used to and can seem quite intimidating. Another disadvantage of sticking out so much is that you can become prey to all who want to rip you off. There are so many scams and you can get very ripped off. People here see you as incredibly rich which is certainly not the case on a backpackers budget.

All this aside there is so much beauty here in India. Last week we visited The Lotus Temple. This is one of the most visited buildings in the world. We also visited most of Delhis other tourist sites including Delhi Gate, Main Bazzar, Red Fort and countless Markets.

This weekend we arrived at GovindPuri. A small area in Delhi which is home to Project Why. We are staying here for a week volunteering with disadvantage slum children. Today was our second day and already it has been such a humbling experience. The Children are adorable and very clever. I have never seen such focus in such small cramped classes. The children are so eager to learn. With a range of ages in each class even the youngest already has better maths skills then me. A real highlight of today was when the children shook my hand and sung Happy Birthday, it was incredible.

I will write more about Project Why over the next few days. I can only try and emphasise what a fantastic organisation it is right now, with such dedicated, forward thinking staff. It really does make a world of difference to people who really need it.





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