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Nepal – beauty and adventure

After spending my first few weeks of traveling in stifling Delhi its a pleasure to come to Nepal. Not only is it so much cooler up here but it has a different atmosphere entirely. Once you escape the pollution bubble of Kathmandu you really get an understanding of what this place is all about. Its astounding. Part of my heart will forever remain here. Im totally in love with it. I’m so happy to know that people live in these kinds of climates leading a simple life and not only survive but are happy too.

Nepal is one of the poorest countries in the world. Most the people here rely on the land entirely, living in small mountain villages. Tourism is one of the main industries in Nepal with a growing number of tourist coming to trek the beautiful mountains including the Everest base camp.

My guide for the day Baba was so nice. He worked as guide and also a teacher in some of the local schools. He was so knowledgeable and his English was incredible. He told me a story of when he was trekking with some spanish tourists who just wouldn’t stop drinking red wine the entire time. He also told me about the animals in the national park and how he was nearly eaten by a bear. He wanted to travel to New Zealand to see the mountains there but had been refused a visa three times so he would probably never leave the country. I feel incredibly lucky to have some of the opportunities I do and I really hope that some day Baba does make it to New Zealand.

I don’t feel as if I have even scathed the surface of what this country can offer me and I know one day I’l come back and do it properly. Nepal…I salute you.


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