Feb 15, 2014 - Australia    Comments Off on Mission Beach – Skydiving

Mission Beach – Skydiving

So, we did it and it was incredible! I cant even describe how its feels to free fall. As soon as I met my tandem instructor, I felt safe and all my nerves just disappeared. We jumped with 3 other people making it a group 6. Bells and Bob went before me. It was so odd watching them tumble of the plane.

We had the most spectacular view of the great barrier reef and some of the surrounding islands. I tried looking for sharks in the water but I couldn’t see any. My face was vibrating with the force of falling.

Once the parachute was deployed it really was like flying. My instructor guided my hands into the steering cords. I was driving. I pulled down on one side hard and we started spinning really fast in circles. This was fun but did make me feel incredibly sick after a while. I handed the cords back and enjoyed the view. We landed on the beach one after an other in a perfect line. I felt a bit dizzy but was on such a high. I already want to another skydive.

We went out for a few drinks afterwards and accidentally had more then we expected. Needless to say today my head is a bit worse for wear.


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