Dec 4, 2013 - Australia    No Comments

Melbourne, The Perfect City

My brother warned me about Melbourne before I arrived. “Be carful,” he said, “you’ll fall in love with it here and want to stay forever.” Well after 5 days of being here I’m afraid its too late. Im in love. Its perfect here.

 My infatuation started the moment I stepped of the plane. Everything is so well thought out. The city is bustling with activity. There are street performers, pavement artists, live bands on every street corner. Its a bit like covert garden only city sized and everyone is happy.

My time here so far has been spent enjoying the free museums and art galleries, eating fabulous food and exploring the lane ways in search of hidden rooftop bars. The only thing that feels odd, is that I know its christmas soon and there are no or few decorations yet. The shops aren’t filled with christmas clutter and its 27 degrees.

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