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Lovely Jubbly

Now I like living dangerously just as much as anyone else really. I can be pretty reckless but today was a little bit silly. Me and my new friend, Fabien, decided to visit some caves. We hired a tuk tuk driver who took us there.

It was a beautiful journey through the villages and the breeze from the moving tuk tuk helped keep us cool. Finally we arrived at a dirt track and were told which direction we could find the caves.

It was here that we met our guides for the morning. A young boy about 10 and his little sister who was 7. They were so cute and their english was astoundingly good. Now, Im not sure why, but in every country I have visited so far, the general response to me saying Im english is always “oh England, Lovely Jubbly”.

I have no idea where people learn to say “lovely bubbly” it didn’t say it any of the English teaching books I saw in India and i’m quite sure that these children don’t have a television. Its not even that, Only fools and Horses is such an old Tv show. How can a whole generation of asian children know such an odd quote? Other then my Uncle Micheal I’v never even heard anyone in England say it. Weird.

Anyway, we climbed up to the entrance and the children showed us the caves and the various rocks that resemble animals. It was all very nice and safety was no issue. The little boy then turned to me and asked “do you want to climb through the cave to the bottom?”

“Sure” I replied stupidly.

Well. It was stupid. We climbed through this cave with sheer drops and pointy rocks sticky out from all angles. We had to jump onto silly ledges and I closed my eyes and refused to move for at least 20 minutes at one point. I don’t think I can really emphasise how scary it was. We were in the middle of a dark cave, with a torch and 2 small children, in the middle of no where in Cambodia, where are is nothing but basic medical care even in the cities. It was stupid…but also a lot of fun. Thank goodness nothing went wrong.

I think I must have scared Fabien with my reckless behaviour at this point as he suggested we do a nice gentle boat ride in the afternoon. It was pretty and I watched the sunset whilst drinking a coconut.

Unfortunately our boat broke down and the poor driver spend about an hour hitting the engine with a big stick before it worked again. I needed a wee so it was a little bit uncomfortable. We made it back eventually tho. What a fun day. I love Cambodia.

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