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Life’s a fillet of fish

So this is it. One whole year of traveling. I can’t believe its almost over. Tomorrow morning I will pack my bag, check out and make my way to the airport for the last time. I’m a bit nervous. What will it feel like being at home again? Im so excited to see people, especially my Mum and Dad.

I feel weird, but actually very excited too. The adventure dosn’t stop. It never stops. This year has been amazing, but there is a whole lot of new things to look forward to. Also I won’t be living out of a backpack anymore. I will have more then three outfits to choose from, my toothbrush will already be in the bathroom and there will always be milk in the fridge.

Im not looking at it as going back, my life is always about moving forward. Learning new skills and meeting new people is what drives me. I’v had so many great ideas on this trip and now I’m finally going to have time see them come to life. This may be my last post on this blog, but it isn’t goodbye. Watch this space, something exciting is coming.

Thanks for sharing the adventure with me.

Over and Out

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