Apr 9, 2013 - India    Comments Off on Leaving India

Leaving India

My time in India has been hard. I won’t lie. I was completely overwhelmed when I first arrived. Its certainly not an easy place. Everything is a little bit too much and even the simplest of Journeys can frustrating and tiresome. The extremes between rich and poor might never change, but I do believe something will.

At the moment Delhi is a completely mystery to Google maps. It has no idea and won’t even try and locate you. With the advance of technology and with the work of things like Project Why working to improve the literacy rate, I wonder what the future of India will entail. Will I come back someday and feel as if things really have changed? I do hope so. The only thing that is certain here is that it will be colourful, fun and exciting for many. It might not look like much but if you really look hard you see so much more then you could even imagine.

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