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Koh Lanta – Sehr Gut

Guten Tag. I have been on the Island of Koh Lanta for 3 days now. Its been so much fun. Its low season so the island has very few visitors. I was a bit anxious when I first arrived as I was worried that I would spend the whole time alone. Luckily I met a lovely German guy called Corrin. He was traveling with his fried Selma who was also lovely. There was another German Girl staying in their resort called Serius and she was lovely too. We all became good friends and have been pretty much inseparable ever since.

Both Corrin and Selma have hired motorbikes so we have spent most our time zooming around the island visiting all sorts of places and having fun. Our first trip was in search of some caves which involved a jungle trek. We all ascended with great enthusiasm into the jungle. We climbed over rocks and swung through trees, jumping across rivers and squelching through swampy bits. We arrived at the caves but didn’t explore for long. Selma had discovered Leeches! There were two of them on her leg. That was it. We ran out of their as fast as could. Back at the bikes we discovered we all had leeches. They were quite small and not that scary. I squirted mine with insect repellent and it fell of straight away.

The next few days were spent exploring local markets, eating pad thai  and Masaman curry and playing cards with two american girls. (Americans are far to good at cards and not to be challenged). We also attended another full moon party but luckily this one was just a small gathering at a bar with some music and beers. Much better.

I also had the opportunity to try Durian Fruit. This is a spiky looking thing that is banned from a lot of hotels and public places due to its awful smell. It was actually quite nice with an almost custardy taste, it was only about half an hour later that my mouth tasted strangely like an onion.


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