Oct 25, 2013 - New Zealand    Comments Off on Kia Ora

Kia Ora

Im in new Zealand and it really is quite spectacular. I was so sad to leave South East Asia after the past 8 months of traveling. It was a really incredible time. At first New Zealand seemed so exciting with its familiar shops, foods and western looking people. I was happily surprised when a car actually stopped at a Zebra crossing and I could cross the road. Really?

But now all this familiarity has left me a bit sad. I haven’t got that homesick since being away but now everything feels so much like home, but it couldn’t actually be physically further away.

Everything seems familiar yet strange or slightly off. One thing I didn’t realise was just how hard it is to get wifi here. I was so shocked when i stayed somewhere and they told me it was the norm for most of New Zealand not to have it. I don’t really understand why when I can get it in a mountain in Nepal why not here?

Another very noticeable thing is the shocking rate of obesity. People here are very large. I really wasn’t expecting this one but its a bit like the humans in Wall:e. There are a lot of fast food takeaway places here so I guess I shouldn’t be that surprised. Still I’m missing my cheap rice and vegetable meals horribly.


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