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I love Cambodia and Kampot is my reason why.

I arrived here three days ago and have had the most amount of fun. I have made friends with a French Boy called Fabien on the minibus on the way over from Ortes Beach. He is very sweet and rather charming.

We are staying in a funny little guesthouse in the muddiest part part of Kampot for $3 a night. Its ok. Basic but safe. Most backpackers make their way along the river and stay in some of the riverside accommodation, but I think I prefer being in the town.

One of my favourite things about Cambodia is the food. I love it. Kampot is a world famous pepper growing region so everything is beautifully peppery. I like trying all the Khmer food. Beef Lok lak is one of my favourites along with Fish Amok.

The day after we arrived me and my new Friend, Fabien hired some bicycles and rode around the some of the local villages. It was so much fun. One of the things I love about Asia is how friendly the locals can be. We were never far away from smiling children and waving babies. It makes me so happy.

We stopped in one village and we’re beckoned over by an older lady. I’m not sure of her exact age but I would guess at mid 70’s. Soon we were joined by the whole village. No one spoke any English and the few Khmer words I have learnt weren’t very convincing, but it didn’t matter. In less then 5 minutes we were sitting down laughing and sharing food. I gave a little boy a picture of a shark I had in my back pack. He was so happy and proudly showed to anyone who would look.

It was so lovely being here and really goes to show that you don’t necessarily have to speak the same language to communicate. We all had a good time and me and Fabien were packed of with a food parcel for our trip. It was this kindness and generosity that made me know I had to learn more about Cambodia. I had been hoping to avoid visiting Phnom Penh, but now I knew I had to. I needed to understand what the old lady, and the people of Cambodia had lived through.


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