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Is it bad to sleep with the light on?

Hello. Im writing this because I am scared. Its very dark and thundery and yesternight someone came into my beach hut but I managed to scare them away.

But what if they come back?

I had woken up because of a nightmare, I can’t remember what it was about but it put me on edge….


Sorry the power has just gone out. Scared!

Anyway writing this is making me feel less scared so I’l continue. I woke up and things didn’t quite feel right. It was raining really hard and I could hear the sea crashing onto the sand, but there was something else too. The plants outside were rustling but not from the wind. Rats maybe? No, why would they be out in the rain? Just my imagination I told myself.

The noises got louder. It was as if they were coming from the walls themselves. I sat up and looked for my touch but I couldn’t find it. I lay back down and listened. creeeeeek It was still pitch black. Suddenly a touch lit up from the open door. I jumped up.


The light went out and I wad plummeted back in darkness. What just happened? Why am I so caught up in my mosquito net? I sat down too scared to move. The rain continued. After what seemed like ages I summoned up the courage to turn the light on. My front door was wide open. I hadn’t imagined this. There was someone!

I immediately relocked the door. Then I saw a hole in the grass wall where an arm had obviously reached in and unlatched the lock. Oh My Buddah! What the hell was I going to do?

It was so dark and I was too scared to look for anyone to help outside. I set to barricading the front door. I then set booby traps using cosmetic bottles all along the window and the grass wall. If anyone was going to try and reenter they were going to make a lot of noise doing it. I left the light on and didnt sleep until it got light outside. All this has happened at 3:47. I made a note of it.

The morning came and I wondered if maybe I had imagined it. Sadly not. A few other people hadn’t been so lucky as to wake up as I had been. They had been completely cleaned out. cameras, phones, money, passports. The huts along from mine tho had not been touched and I like to think that it was my erratic sleeping which saved them. Im pretty much a Hero.

Although I wish I still felt like that now. After a swim in the sea and a hearty breakfast I decided to stay just one more night. I was reassured that same places were never hit on consecutive nights. That was all very well hearing that in the daylight…but now thats its dark and thundering and the power is out, Im not feeling so brave. My traps are again set and my backpack is locked and chained to my bed…but Its dark and Im scared.

Im sure it will be ok. If I have posted this in the morning then we can only assume that it is. There thats all I can write to reassure myself. Its down to time now. Good Luck me. X

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