Oct 19, 2013 - Hong Kong    Comments Off on Hong Kong

Hong Kong

I love how crazy Hong Kong is. It always reminds me of a city out of Pokemon. It can get a bit boring after you’ve looked around all the shops. Its very expensive for accommodation and food too. Its impossible to even imagine the wealth of this place. I’v lost count of the amount of Cartier stores there are. Its just one huge expensive brand next to another and then repeat. Quite a contrast to most other cities I’v traveled. No wonder I can only afford to eat noodle pot meals here.

One thing that did surprise me on value however was Disneyland. Had the most incredibly fun day here. It seemed really quiet so we didn’t really have to cue for anything. Theme parks are way more enjoyable that way. It was also pretty close to Halloween so got to play on the themed halloweeny stuff too.

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