Feb 3, 2014 - Australia    Comments Off on Hervey Bay – Frasier Island

Hervey Bay – Frasier Island

Unless you are traveling to Frasier Island there really is no reason to visit Hervey Bay. Its dull.

Luckily Fraser Island isn’t. The largest sand island in the world you can get around in either a 4×4 or a specially adapted mini bus, which is more like a tank then a bus. We went along for a day tour and when our friendly guide, Butch, told us to buckle up our seat belts, “Its going to be a bumpy ride,” he sure wasn’t joking. It was tremendous fun.

We visited several hot spots on the island including; Lake Mckenzie, Seventy Five Mile Beach, Eli Creek, the Maheno Shipwreck and the Pinnacles Coloured sands. We also took a scenic flight over the whole island. Its was astoundingly pretty.

Fraser Island is home to some of the last remaining pure breed Dingos left in Australia. We were lucky enough to see one the beach on our drive home. It topped the day of nicely. Had such a brilliant time here.

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