Jul 24, 2013 - Vietnam    Comments Off on Hanoi


I love Hanoi. It’s the craziest, busiest, brilliant city. The streets are teaming with Motorbikes, street food and crammed full of people. After our ridiculous 26 hour bus ride to get here, it was nice just to get somewhere. We had already booked our hotel and its really nice.

I have been to Hanoi twice before and it doesn’t seem as quite as alien as I remember. I guess I have been to so many Asian cities now that its nice to be somewhere familiar feeling.

We went to see the world famous Traditional Water Puppet show. It was charming enough, but I wasn’t that impressed. I think what really ruined if for me was all the dickheads filming it on their mobile phones. I find that so annoying.

I have also been to the Woman’s museum three times now. I love it (and not just because it has super powerful air conditioning). I have learnt so much about Vietnam here including many of the traditions and local customs. I really like the top floor with all the traditional outfits of the Hill Tribes. They are so interracially designed and beautifully made.

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