Dec 13, 2013 - Australia    No Comments

Dunkeld – love shack

I have left Adelaide. I don’t like it there. Having some time to spare, We picked a stop off on the way back to Melbourne. I am now in Dunkeld, a small town in the south of the Grampians national park in Victoria. Its tiny, but very pretty. It took a gruelling 9 hours to get here with several bus rides, but we made it.

The highlights of the town are the Bakery and a field with some Kangaroos in (finally saw some). That being said, its really lovely to be staying somewhere so peaceful. We rode the one bus to the nearest town with s supermarket and stocked up on food. We are staying in a beautiful cabin on a fantastic site. For the first time in ages I have my own room. There is a VHS player in our lounge so we have raided the local charity shops for some classic. Lets just say later this evening I will be snuggling up with a glass of goon watching the delights that are Sister Act II, Aladdin, Beaches and 10 things I hate about you. This is living!


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