Jun 14, 2013 - Thailand    Comments Off on Diving


Wow. I’v just come back from my dive. It was awesome! I met the dive team at 6:30 this morning but I was a little bit early as i was quite excited and maybe a box anxious. It was about a 45 minute boat ride to Phi Phi Leh. This small island is a a national park and famously home of Maya Bay, the beach where the movie ‘The Beach’ was filmed.

I was quite nervous on the boat ride out and it was very choppy. I took a sickness tablet. Just in case. Once we arrived and had completed our briefing I put on my wetsuit and was fitted with my gear. It weighed a ton. I had been taught a few basic skills such as emptying my mask and retrieving my respirator as well as some signs for basic instructions. Now it was time to get in the water.

I stood on the edge of the boat, “it’s now or never,’’ I thought as I stepped out into the water. I fell with a splash and then floated up to the surface. Once i had mastered swimming in my flippers on my back like an otter, my instructor motioned to me that it was my turn to go down.

I was a quite scared but once I was under the water and realised that I could breath easily enough I instantly started to enjoy the sights around me. It was magical.

I did 3 dives in total at a maximum of 16 meters. I saw so many different types of fish including; Parrotfish, Angelfish, Butterflyfish, Damselfish, Clown Anemonefish (Nemo), Moray Eels, Moorish Idols, Bannerfish, Squid, Spiny Lobsters, Pufferfish, Scorpionfish and Lionfish, There was even a turtle but unfortunately I didn’t see it as I was facing the wrong direction.

Overall my experience of diving was fantastic. I felt so safe and my instructor even looked a bit like Daniel Craig, (not normally attracted to Daniel Craig but I don’t think you can be fussy under water). Im exhausted now but exhilarated. It looks like there is a storm blowing in. Im going to sit on my balcony, drink a beer and think about fish.


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