Aug 29, 2013 - Vietnam    Comments Off on Disasters and the Big C special

Disasters and the Big C special

So I have been in Dalat for a few days now. Its not quite what I expected but I don’t think I have seen the best of it yet. Didn’t start on the greatest note as there was a bit of a disaster on the bus involving a box of fish and my backpack. Im not quite sure what happened but it seems they were involved intimately with one another and juices were exchanged. My backpack isn’t waterproof around the zips and some seepage occurred resulting in everything smelling unfavourable.

I spent my first couple of hours in Dalat scrubbing my back pack in the bathroom with dry shampoo, sobbing. Its pretty cold here so it took a while to dry too. Annoying but I’m over it now. No one likes to smell like a fish!

To cheer myself up I’v been to my favourite asian supermarket ‘Big C’. Its the place of dreams once you get past the tight security measures. I had a quick look at the woman’s clothing, but its tiny so instead I’v treated myself to a man’s T-shirt. I love it.

To celebrate here is my first ever selfie…sort of


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