Feb 19, 2014 - Australia    Comments Off on Cairns


Ok. So its day number three here in Cairns and its so boring. We are on the last of our budget so can’t really afford to do much more now. It has been raining quite a lot but its still so hot with that kind of heat that feels to close and stuffy. We fly back to Melbourne tomorrow for our last week before we fly home. I have mixed emotions about it. Firstly Im grateful just to get out of Cairns, but Im kind of sad too as I know this is the last place before I go home. Its a strange feeling.

We went to see Gravity at the cinema. I thought it was brilliant. We saw it in 3D. It was so stressful. Poor Sandra, I thought I had had it rough but her journey tops it all. I do now have a massive crush on George Clooney. I’v never really seen it before but he was great. I’v been obsessed with going into space for a long time. I would love to the curvature of the Earth from space. One day I will go, I know I will. But for now its Cairns. I was looking at the sky earlier and I saw a shooting star. I made a wish. At least I hope it was a shooting star and not just George Clooney floating around up there.


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