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Blue Mountains – myths and legends

I’m sad to leave Sydney and our new friends, but hopefully we will see them again on this trip, if not definitely when we get back to England. We have taken few days to visit the Blue Mountains. The train journey to Katoomba where we are staying was lovely. It was so nice to get a train instead of a bus too. There isn’t too much to do here but there are plenty of beautiful walks.

Yesterday we walked along and saw the Three Sisters rock formation. It is told that the rocks are actually three sisters from the Katoomba tribe who feel in love with three brothers from the Nepean tribe. Their love was forbidden and a war broke out. To keep the three sisters safe, one of the brothers turned them into stone with intensions of returning once the war was over. Sadly he was killed and the sisters remain stone with no one being able to break the spell. Its heartbreaking.

The Sisters can be seen from Echo point, named as you are supposedly able to shout through the valley and hear an echo. I didn’t try.

This morning me and Bob went on another walk. We went to the bottom of the valley and walked through the forest. I was again looking for Wombats, but again the alluded me. We then had to climb what seemed like a million steps back up to the top. My legs are throbbing. I wish we had bath!


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