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Beautiful smiles

It is our last day here in Luang Prabang and we have been stood up! Luckily I think it might have been for the best.

It all started last night after a few Lao Beer. Typically I was feeling pretty merry. We headed over to the night market in search of food. (I quite fancied half a chicken on a stick like I’d seen the previous night). Making our way through the stalls of local handy work we met two lovely Loa Boys who were keen to practice their english. They advised of the best buffet in the market and they were right, it was excellent.

We spoke about our families and our lives in England and they were keen to show us their village and cook us a traditional loa meal, (I think this may have involved slaughtering our own chicken). We agreed to meet them on Sunday for a motorbike tour to a waterfall and then to meet their families and prepare some food. We were really excited.

The next day, (Saturday), we spent the morning traveling down the Mekong to reach the Buddah Cave. It was quite a site seeing the many Buddah statues placed in a cave along the river, some where quite glitzy!

We spent the afternoon at the waterfall. It was spectacular. Crystal clear water, with serene surroundings. Unfortunately one bit proved to be a bit of an scene, with a rope swing and opportunity to jump over one of the waterfalls it had a clear 18-35 holiday vibe. Looked pretty fun tho.

Was pretty tired by the afternoon so had an early night in preparation for our local adventure in the morning. Needless to say, they haven’t turned up. Probably for the best. As much as I love racing round on motorbikes (which turns out I really do love this), Im not sure it would have been such a great idea. Will just have to slaughter my own chicken another day…maybe when I get home…watch out Beyonce!*

All in all Luang Prabang is probably the most beautiful place in the world. I would love to come back someday.

*My mum and dad have a chicken called this.


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