May 27, 2013 - Indonesia    Comments Off on Bali


I’m on holiday! Well thats how I’m viewing my past week here in Bali. I spent the first few days in a Hostel in the Sanur region. It’s so quiet and peaceful here. The hostel was a lot of fun and I made friends with some of the other backpackers. (I don’t do this to often as I have learnt that a lot of them are either incredibly dull and boring or complete knob heads).

The small town had some lovely bars and restaurants and a nice stretch of beach, perfect for playing in the sea. There were a couple of expensive resorts and restaurants along the front. One of my favourite things to do here became sneaking out at midnight to break into the swimming pools of these places. They were really nice.

One of the many endearing things about the local people here is that they don’t seem to pronounce their “th’s”. For example the word ‘’with’’ becomes ‘’wit’’. So you can have ‘’pork wit vegetables’’. We went to a bar one night and listened to a really good live band. They were great and completely adorable when that sang U2’s “wit’ or wit’out you”. (I hate U2, but this did make smile).

After a few days I felt like a change of scene, so booked into a swanky looking hotel in Legian. This is just outside of Kuta. The hotel was brand new and ridiculously cheap. I think they had a special offer on to get some good opening reviews. Anyway it’s fabulous. Im sitting on the roof top terrace now looking out over the town. There is a swimming pool up here and I’m sipping on a nice cold beer from the bar. Heaven!


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