Nov 30, 2013 - Australia    No Comments

Australia, The last Country

So after six weeks of traveling around New Zealand I have made it to my final country. Australia! Originally I hadn’t planned to spend much time here at all as I was hoping to also squeeze South America onto this trip. I think i have made the right decision on missing it out. It has enabled me to be a lot more lenient with my budget and enjoy places by spending more time there. So seeing as Im on this side of the World I might as well make the most of it. Next three months I will be traveling along the east Coast of Australia all the way up to Cairns.

Im now lucky enough to be traveling with both my best friends after meeting Bob at the airport. He is going to be staying with us for the entire duration of Australia only flying home one day before we do. Im so excited. We all have a massive bag of duty free each and a lot of catching up to do. I have a feeling the next few days might be a bit of a blur.

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