Jun 11, 2013 - Thailand    Comments Off on A note on tourist busses from Koh Sahn Road

A note on tourist busses from Koh Sahn Road

Its remarkably easy too book transport in Thailand. You can usually do it from the accommodation you are staying in or one of the many tourist booking shops. The prices are relatively similar. Having booked a bus before down to Surat Tharni, a ferry point for many of the local islands we felt safe enough to book another. Unfortunately, although we got there and a lot of people got of the bus having had money stolen from them, not noticing until it was too late.

We’re not sure if the bus company itself was involved, but I have a suspicion that they probably were. The bus was very dark and the luggage racks that above the seats were all filled with baskets and various other things meaning you were forced to put you bags between your legs. You would think they would be safe enough here but unfortunately everyone who did this had money taken.

I was quite lucky having forced my small bag up in the luggage rack, however Bells and her boy friend were not. They thief was very clever, not taking anything that you would notice. Not even taking all your money so its hard to realise at first. They left cameras and iPods untouched, just taking large Thai Baht notes and any foreign currency you might be carrying. I still have no idea how they did it. Nearly everyone on the bus was targeted and sadly no one noticed until the bus had driven away. The only thing I can think of is maybe a child squeezed under the seats. It was very late as most these busses run through out the night. They make various stops and any one can get on really. You would think you would notice someone crawling under the seats but none of us did.

If you do choose to travel on any large tourist busses, please be careful. If you have a money belt wear it and never het a large amount of cash out before you travel.

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